*Lee Pierce

My background


My brother remembers that as a child I told him I was going to teach myself how to paint.  When I finished my first "paint-by-number" creation I presented it to him.  He laughed at my enthusiasm --- and didn't think too much about my future as an Artist, since I was only 7 years old at the time.  Now, he reminds me of those days, back in the early 1950's; and, he's happy for me that I have found my "BLISS"  --- as an Artist

My first career was in Television as a Film Editor and Producer.  In the early 1990's, a Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences HONORED my work as  the Film Editor of an EMMY AWARD winning PBS TV Special.  My experience as a Film and video Editor informs my work as an Artist.

In the early 1990's, I graduated from Law school.  By 2004, I began studying Art in evening classes while working as an Attorney in a state's court system.   When I retired from Law, I pursued ART full time --- focusing on Abstract and Expressionist collages and paintings.

My ART EDUCATION has been self-directed and has benefited from classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; guidance from a Mentor; an Art Colony; annual Art Festivals, Juried and Curated Art Exhibitions at art galleries and centers in the Midwest (USA) and at the base of the Rocky Mountains --- in Colorado; my on-going study of techniques of drawing, collage, and painting; and an independent study of Art History.

available at SAATCHI Art.com

Favorite Mediums

I use acrylics on stretched canvas and fine paper; and gouache, ink, watercolor, and hand-made papers to create the geometric forms and highlights in my compositions.


Inspiration & Style

 The INSPIRATION for my work is the Earth's natural environments and  Wildlife.  My STYLE is Abstract, Expressionist, and Abstract-Realist works of art.  The SUBJECT MATTER is non-representational --- inspired from my observations of Earth's 'natural' environments and  wildlife.


from my Home Studio in the Midwest

I create ABSTRACT and  EXPRESSIONIST paintings ... on large canvases (5o" x 50") and smaller (9" x 12") fine papers..

"LEE PIERCE abstracts" (c) --- are invited to  juried Art Exhibitions and international Art Fairs --- including:

> ST. LOUIS ARTIST's GUILD ("Endangered" Exhibition, Aug. - Sept., 2019

> The ANGAD ARTS HOTEL & Grand Tavern, St.Louis, Missouri;

> "THE OTHER ART FAIR, CHICAGO 2019";  sponsored by SAATCHI Art.com

> (ASL) Art Saint Louis Gallery --- in themed art exhibitions

> The TOMAHAWK CENTER, Overland Park, Kansas;

> SOULARD Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

> OUTNUMBERD Gallery, formerly in Littleton, Colorado

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS are in residences at:

- Atlantic Highlands, NEW JERSEY; 

- Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS; 

- Chevy Chase, MARYLAND;

- Denver, COLORADO;

- Hamptons, NEW YORK

- Minneapolis, MINNESOTA;

- New York City, NEW YORK 

- Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA 

- Portland, OREGON; 

- Saint Louis, MISSOURI

- Silver Springs, MARYLAND; 

- Southeastern FLORIDA


- Ochsenfurt, Germany


* Art Saint Louis Gallery, Missouri

* NSPC&A - (Nat'l Society of Painters Casein & Acrylic)

* Saint Louis Artists' Guild, Missouri


2018:  Xanadu Gallery published a 'Lee Pierce' abstract on its Facebook website;

2016:  local MENSA chapter featured 'Lee Pierce' abstracts on its Newsletter covers;

2015:  New York City interior designer -- Cary Jones -- selected a 'Lee Pierce' abstract for her client's West Village apartment ... see http://www.caryjonesdesign.com/project/west-village-apartment/ 

* N.B.,  I use my middle names "LEE  PIERCE" as my signature-name on my artworks.