Lee Pierce
abstract paintings

My background


I enjoyed paint-by-numbers (when I was a child) and learning drawing techniques that a babysitter (who was an Artist) tried to teach me.  In junior high school, my favorite subject was Art.  

My first career was in Television,(for 20 years,) as a Film Editor and Producer.  In the early 1990's, a Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences presented an HONOR to me for my role as the Film Editor of an EMMY AWARD winning PBS TV Special.  My experiences as a Film Editor informs my work as an Artist.

In the early 90's, I graduated from Law school.  In 2004, while working as a Lawyer, I studied ART in evening classes.  When I retired from Law, I pursued ART full time --- as a painter of Abstract and Expressionist style paintings.

My ART EDUCATION has been self-directed and has benefited from classes at the School of a Museum of Fine Arts; guidance from a Mentor; an Art Colony; Art Festivals, juried and curated Art Gallery exhibitions; study of the techniques of drawing, collage, and painting; and an on-going study of Art History.

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Favorite Mediums

I use acrylics on stretched canvas and fine paper.  The use gouache, ink, watercolor, and hand-made papers to create the geometric forms and highlights in my compositions.

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My Inspiration

My style of painting is described as Abstract and Expressionist.  Although the SUBJECT MATTER is non-representational inspiration comes from my observations of Earth's 'natural' environments and  wildlife.

Xanadu Gallery --- Art Catalogue @ p.11